How Did I Get Here?

In April, I went to PodCamp Nashville. It was my first social media conference. I did not know this world existed where people made social media their business and their business was social media. I was helping my mentor work an event earlier that day and had missed most of the sessions. I was only able to go to three, but those were exactly the fuel I needed to change my approach to social media.

I listened to three of the biggest names in Nashville social media and marketing speak about their experiences and give insight how to make your social life apply to your business. The last session I went to was with Kate O’Neil of [meta] marketer (she is amazing). It was about the healing and business power of blogging about your life. I decided that day, that I wanted to start a blog. As you look at your calendar, I know what you’re thinking, it took a few months to get it actually started, but I do things in my own time.

On this blog, I am going to write about what I know and what I love. I love music, I know public relations and how to make great events. These three things make my life and my career. Here is my insight.


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