Fresh Music Fridays: Young the Giant

I am a music junkie. Music is my stress reliever and motivator; I even create Ipod   on my moods. I am an ambassador for underground and alternative bands that I find to be amazing and thus should get main stream attention. Every Friday I will be bringing you a musical pick from my Itunes library or a new artist that I have stumbled across.

This week (actually for the last few weeks) I have had Young the Giant on repeat. I first came across Young the Giant at the 20th Anniversary of Lollapalooza this August. We got to a stage early and came just in time to hear the last 3 songs of the band. All of us were transfixed, wondering who the heck are these guys? I found myself still singing the hook to “I Got” days after the show. I downloaded their entire debut album, Young the Giant, as soon as I got back home.

I was so excited to hear that they would be performing on the 2011 MTV VMA Awards. I love following bands as they play small shows to sold out arenas and are on network television. As I knew they would, they rocked the house and America was able to get a taste of their unique sound. During the VMAs, they performed one of the more rock tracks from their album, “My Body”. My favorite tracks from the album are Islands, Cough Syrup, I Got, and Strings. The band has a wide range of mellow rock to alternative to a bluesy jazz feel.

If you want to hear some cool alternative music and unique rock, I urge you to check them out. I’m sure you will not be disappointed. I went to catch their show in entirety in Nashville on Sept 29 at Exit/in. I made sure I was not late and was in the front of the crowd! Lead singer, Sameer, wowed the crowd with his smooth vocals and energetic movements. The sold out show was more intimate and engaging than the mammoth crowd in Grant Park. The band has gained a new fan and one more Twitter follower in me. I can’t wait to hear more from these guys!

The Scene at Lollapalooza


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