Fresh Music Fridays: Mumford & Sons

Mumford and Sons gives me everything I need from a band in 12 tracks which is why they’re my pick for this week’s edition. The album ranges from mellow love cries such as White Blank Page to head banging, foot stomping tracks like Dust Bowl Dance. The band’s debut album, Sigh No More, was released over a year ago, but they are just now releasing their third US single, Roll Away Your Stone, which is climbing the Alternative charts.
With every release, the band continues to gain more and more followers and fans.  Mumford and Sons gives you a little folk, rock, pop, and alot of love and feeling that just makes you want to move with every track. Lead singer, Marcus Mumford, has a haunting and gripping voice that blends wonderfully with the banjo, guitar, and chello accompaniment.

The band has received some commercial success over the last year, including being nominated for two Grammy Awards.  But most mainstream people just don’t get the British group’s down home country style. Could be my Nashville roots, but I got the band as soon as I heard Little Lion Man and have fallen madly in love with them. The lyrics to their songs are a bit quirky but deep “How fickle my heart, how woozy my eyes, I struggle to find in truth in your lies.” Despite them not topping the charts, they still
manage to sellout shows and pack arenas.

I waited three and half hours in the Tennessee heat to be front and center at their Bonnaroo show. Not only was it worth the wait and sunburn, but it was one of the best live shows I have ever seen! The band didn’t need a fancy back drop, or matching outfits, they just rocked out wowing the crowd with flawless vocals and their unbelievable energy. Of course all of the ladies fell for those cute little British accents and I also really enjoyed
the signature banjo and piano roll that is now expected at every show.

From the wide range of tracks on the album, you are sure to find something that perks your ears and moves your soul. I urge you to check out Mumford & Sons and I’m sure by the end of the weekend you will be hooked like I am.

Happy Friday!


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