Dive in to Uncharted Waters!

Almost a year after my friend has graduated she still is struggling to find a full time job in her desired field. She recently asked me for advice and I find that it is the same advice I have given to other friends. We have to remember that everything is not going to go exactly as we plan. Sometimes we can get where we want to go by making a few changes we never expected.

When I graduated high school in 2006, my future looked so bright I could not wait to go to college. When I graduated college in 2010 in one of the worst job markets of our country’s history, I was scared, unsure, and emotionally weakened. I applied for jobs in my area of interest and found many of those were for mid and senior level persons. I took a step down and applied to internship programs, I found that my competition was recent graduates like myself and persons with Master’s degrees that were having the same difficulty as me. This dilemma made me have to think outside of the box. How could I get full time experience and do what I love? The answer….dive head first into uncharted waters. I decided to enter an unexpected industry that I knew nothing about.

When I first got the call about the open position, I said the job is where? But as I researched the position and the potential for growth, I saw it was exactly what I wanted to do, just in a different form. I took the position and though I brought a great deal of knowledge from my previous positions, I had to learn not only the standards and workings of a new company, but a new industry. The key to my success was diving in with my eyes open and taking in everything around me. Though I was diving in I knew there would be times I would need to wade in the shallow in to get my feet wet first. When I needed it I asked for help from more skilled swimmers in the pool. I am not saying you should give up on your dreams or interests just to have a job, but DO NOT be afraid to try something new.

That something new could be just what you are missing in your life. If you are a planner like me, you don’t have to dive in without knowing where you are going. Do some research and find exactly how the deep the waters go, and just where the current can take you. You may be surprised to find the new stream you take may get you where you wanted to go faster than your intended path.


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