Fresh Music Fridays: Florence + the Machine

Massive. Powerful. Loud. Those are some of the words that many use to describe the voice of Florence Welch, the lead singer of Florence + the Machine. I will agree, but I have to add majestically haunting, mystifying, and fun. Many of those sound like words use to describe a fairytale, well that’s what I feel when I listen to the band’s music, it is enchanting and inspiring. The music is spellbinding and somehow gets me to get up and dance or sing along. Florence’s great voice is mixed perfectly with harps, the piano, and tribal drums on their second album, Ceremonials.

The album has the perfect mix of love cry anthems and get up and dance barefoot chants like “Shake It Out” the band’s current single. The song tells listeners “It’s hard to dance with the devil on your back, so shake him off.” Sometimes covered by the music are great emotional lyrics about heartbreak and love. “You are the nighttime fear you are the morning when it’s clear” is how the ballot “No Light No Light” begins. The album is perfect for the heartbroken and for those that just want to dance to some good music. Fans will be sure to fall in love with “Only If For A Night” which will probably never reach the radio, but will be on repeat in your head.

I saw the band in concert at Bonnaroo in June and I’m glad the concert was outdoors, because the drums and her voice may have busted down the walls. I will admit that her voice can be a bit much at times and therefore is not for everyone, but I have converted many after they heard the first album. While this album has received mixed reviews, the majority agree with me in that it is epic and wonderful. I encourage you to take a listen and hear something very different, truly alternative, and far from the average pop and dance songs currently dominating the charts. The band crosses into celtic, folk, pop, rock, and dance in a few tracks, which is why there is something that everyone can find to love.


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