How to Make Your Event More “Social”

When I help plan events and programs that are open to the public, the organizer is usually fearful of low participation. They ask me how they can reach their goal number and possibly maximize attendance. My response, social media. There are a few simple things you can do to make your event more “social.” Utilize these social media marketing strategies and you will be sure to increase or maximize your attendance.

1. Create an Event Page

I have heard a few people say that they absolutely hate the Facebook event page. I will admit that it is annoying when you are bombarded with event requests, but it still does the job. The event page makes people aware of what’s going on. If you don’t like the Facebook event page, I suggest you use Event Brite. This is more likely to get better SEO and can also be easily linked to your website. Event Brite is great when your guests have to purchase tickets. Another advantage of using Event Brite is that you can create a company profile that will archive all of your events. Make sure that the information on the event page is constantly updated with every change. If you use the Facebook page, you can message all attendees and remind them of the event or send them important logistics about parking etc.

2. Make a Hash Tag

It is important to create an official Twitter hashtag for your event. Make your event hashtag something simple that can easily be associated with the event. It is especially important to have an official hashtag if your event is part of a series that will be repeated. The hashtag allows you to keep track of the buzz of your event before it happens. You are able to search your hashtag and possibly gain new followers that may have retweeted or asked about it. The hashtag is apart of your event’s brand, it is something that people will remember. Not having a hashtag creates a bigger possibility that you will miss important tweets from your target audience.

3. Post During the Event

During the event, you should constantly post updates to your followers. If you have a keynote speaker, post quotes from their speech. Great quotes about business often get retweeted by people whether they attended the event or not. Be sure to take pictures and post them on Facebook or Twitter. Twitpics help people that are not attending still feel present. When you are tweeting, remember to include your hashtag in every tweet and post. If you already followed step 2, you can monitor how people like the event as it happens. If you have not established an official hashtag for the event, you could miss important tweets from guests.

4. Update Immediately After Event

Immediately after your event, within 2-3 days, update your social networking sites with a brief written summary and photograph log. This update is also a great way to advertise your next event. People can see what they missed, then have information about attending your next event.

The above tips can help make your event more social to people that are attending and those that are not. Following the above steps can help you gain new attendees for your next event or event help you gain new customers.


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