My PR Bucket List

You  may  not  have  seen the major motion picture (I fell asleep), but you have  heard  of a “bucket list.” After seeing the  movie  and  MTV’s hit show, The Buried Life, I created my own personal bucket  list.  It  was more so a list of things I wanted to do and places I wanted  to  visit  in  my  lifetime. Recently, I read about people creating professional bucket lists and I had to create one too!

Yes, it is a slight cliché, but I believe it is important to clearly define your  goals. How can you achieve something that you are unsure of? You have to say this is what I want and this is how I am going to get it. The list I have  created  is  made  up  of  various  things  I  want  to  accomplish professionally.  In a more defined and lengthy list, I have these points made into goals I have set for myself that I actually want to achieve. This list is not before I die, but before I am 50.

Here are a few of the main items from my list:

1.    Have an article published on a major online news or public relations website.

2.    Have a client make front page news on a state or national newspaper

3.    Teach or speak at local a seminar about event planning and social media

4.    Work on a social media campaign for a major music festival (Bonnaroo,
Lollapalooza, South by Southwest would be my top choices)

5.    Teach either Creative Writing or Public Relations Writing at a college or university

6.    Buy Pretty Social its own domain—I want this blog to stand on its own
and be known by PR and Social media gurus.

7.    Run a presidential candidate’s or major political figure’s social media campaign

8.    Operate my own successful and sustainable Special Events and Public Relations firm (I already have the perfect name for it : ) )

With hard-work and focus I believe that all of the above are all achievable before my 50th birthday! I’m going to get started now…

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