Mumford and Sons First Show at the Ryman Auditorium

Yesterday,  March  6  Mumford  and Sons kicked off the first of their three back-to-back-to-back  shows  at  the  Ryman  Auditorium.  The band and fans agreed  that it felt like they were coming home; back to the “Mother Church of  Country”  where it all began. There was a special feeling in the air as the quartet from London took the historic stage. The show began as expected amazing  and perfect. The band decided to follow their opening act, Abigail Washburn’s  lead and play “Timeshel” acoustically on the edge of the stage. The  crowd  was  completely silent leaning forward to hear the band without microphones.

Things  took  a  turn  during the middle of the show when Marcus forgot the lyrics  to one of my favorites, “Thistle & Weeds.” It was an awkward moment that  he played off with a few laughs blaming it on his electric guitar. “I was  thinking  holy crap, I’m playing an electric guitar in the Ryman and I lost  my  thought,”  said  the  lead  singer.  Three great songs later, the audience  had almost forgotten the fumble when the band began playing “Dust Bowl Dance” and again Mumford stumbled on the lyrics. This time, he coughed several  times  and then ran off stage after saying, “Excuse me.” This time fans  were  completely confused and no longer amused. The band continued to play  and  finally  took a five minute break and followed Marcus off stage. They came back and Mumford blamed his running off stage on having to vomit. Guess  “the first time at the Ryman” nerves got the best of him or maybe it was too much whiskey. He jokingly told the crowd to just keep singing if he forgot  the  words  again  and  had to go vomit. The crowd should have kept singing the songs from the beginning to keep the show going. The band ended on a high note with a high energy version of “The Cave.” Still, fans wanted more  after  not hearing two of everyone’s favorite songs and not having an encore.

I’ve  seen  Mumford & Sons at their greatest at Bonnaroo in June 2012. As a die-hard and dedicated fan, I was not disappointed by the show, more by the fans  not  helping  the  band.  It made for a unique concert experience and definitely  a  good  story  to  tell. Hopefully, the lead singer is feeling better  as  he  has  two  more shows to put on for anxious fans tonight and tomorrow.  You  can  still  get tickets from various sites and those always annoying  guys on the corner. If you’re going to the show, you are going tolove  the  new music. I’m very excited for the band to release their second album.  They have been working on it since August and I immediately fell in love with every song from the first line. Hopefully tonight they will truly do justice to the Ryman stage like I know they can!


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