Music Festival Marketing Done Right

Music Festivals are no strangers to product marketing. Festival goers pass the same signs and vendors 10-15 times a day and in the end the product or brand is associated with a good experience. I have many great memories from Hangout Festival this past weekend. I remember great music, food, and meeting great people, and all of those things were expected. What I didn’t expect, but I will always remember is the Chevy Rides. Only two people out of my group of eight people bought $40 shuttle passes and the rest of us were prepared to make the 20 minute walk from the condo to the shows several times a day. Thanks to Chevrolet’s genius marketing team we only made the walk once. The other times, we were picked up by a friendly Chevrolet staff member in a brand new cool, clean Chevy car.

The staff was not only polite and made the ride enjoyable they were also well trained. I can tell you all of the features of the Equinox and could probably you sale you one too. But most importantly each driver made sure to tell passengers to tweet about the ride and like them on Facebook. Hangout festival’s Twitter stream on the website is full of people thanking their drivers or saying how great it was having Chevy their. Chevrolet made sure that the story was heard beyond the beaches of Gulf Shores. We have
pictures with our favorite driver Saud and will always remember how excited we were when we found out about the service. The key to their success was incorporating their brand into our festival experience. “Catch a Chevy” became the new phrase everyone used in the morning and it was brightly painted on the side of each vehicle.

Chevrolet figured out who to do festival marketing right and how to gain loyal supporters. Kudos to their team. Other companies need to take note.



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