Lollapalooza 2012 Recap

Even a massive storm could not stop the party at Grant Park this passed weekend. 300,000 music lovers jammed into the Chicago park August 3-5 to hear up and coming indie bands like Animal Kingdom and hard core rock legends Black Sabbath. Unlike other festivals, Lollapalooza delivers big mainstream commercial artists as well as underground DJs and indie bands.

Friday afternoon, Die Antwoord gave a high energy performance that kick started the festival. The Die Antwoord duo may be too eccentric for some, but to dance lovers they are a dream come true. The female went from a bright orange track suit, to a gold bubble jacket, to a pink short outfit whereas the guy just took off his track suit and danced around in his boxers. Other noteworthy Friday performances included Porter Robinson (new fave DJ), Wale, and Bassnectar.

Saturday afternoon many fans like myself walked to see the rising DJ, Paper Diamond. Once we arrived at the stage, event staff came on to inform us that we were to exit the park due to a severe storm that was approaching. After a few “hell no we won’t go” chants and people dancing in the streets, the park was emptied. Props to the Lollapalooza staff that was able to evacuate thousands of people from the park in less than an hour. The only problem was 100,000 intoxicated fans were let loose on the Chicago streets and forced to quickly seek shelter in nearby restaurants and shops. Thankfully, Chicago businesses were willing to allow fans to seek refugee for a few hours. When the park reopened at 6:00pm fans rushed to see The Weeknd because they had already missed the Temper Trap, Alabama Shakes, and B.O.B., during the storm. Fans slid through mud and water to get to the front of the stage to see the R&B crooner and he did not disappoint opening with High for This. Many say his live performance isn’t that great, but I would beg to disagree.

My Saturday night ended with the most amazing performance of Lolla, Frank Ocean. Ocean wowed the crowd with his pure voice and perfect pitch. He and the other Saturday headliners were allowed to play until 10:45pm due to the schedule delay. He ended his set with the almost ten minute long Pyramids.

Sunday noteworthy performances included Miike Snow, whose appearance shocked me and my friend and JUSTICE. JUSTICE performed an amazing set from behind an ultra violet cross that was a beacon through the night along with some rad beats.

My vote for best performances of the weekend go to Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, JUSTICE, Die Antwoord, J. Cole, Nadastrom, Miike Snow, Calvin Harris,  and Of Monsters and Men. I’m sure there were many more, but that is the one negative of festivals, you can’t be at every show.

I didn’t think Lolla could top Coldplay’s 2011 performance, but somehow they did. Lollapalooza 2012 was the BEST music festival I have ever been to! This is coming from a girl who attended Hangout Festival in May and Bonnaroo in June. I can’t wait to see what the mega festival will bring in 2013!


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