Mumford and Sons Babel

Six of the songs on my iTunes “Top 25 Most Played” are from Mumford and Sons 2010 debut album Sigh No More. Fans like me have been waiting 2 long years to have new songs to play on repeat. On Tuesday, September 25, the wait was finally over.  Babel had the largest debut of the year and is sitting comfortably on top of all of the charts. This is huge considering Justin Bieber’s album was released just a few weeks ago. Mumford’s album surpasses other past Tuesday releases by Lupe Fiasco, No Doubt, and Green Day.

Babel is the sophomore album of folk rock band, Mumford and Sons. The fifteen track master piece delivers 65 minutes of indie, rock, folk, and a little bit of country. Much hasn’t changed in two years there are many times throughout the album you think you’re listening to Sigh No More for a second. But this is not a bad thing; the album feels like returning home after a long vacation. The band is comfortable in their sound and their roles and it leaks through each of the songs.

My favorites of the album are the more mellow tracks like Reminder, Below My Feet, and Where Are You Now. Yes, I love the mellow tracks the most, but still love the upbeat tracks.

Babel is amazing and deserves five large stars.


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