Fresh Music Friday: The Neighbourhood

This week’s Fresh Music Friday’s artist is a band that doesn’t even have a page on Billboard yet, but has been covered by MTV as an artist on the rise. You’ve probably heard their catchy feel good song, “Sweater Weather” on the radio or being sung by teenage girls. Soon, many more will be singing along to the five piece band that is The Neighbourhood. The band is trying to set themselves apart not just with the spelling of their name, but their overall feel. Lead singer, Jesse Rutherford only allows the band to be photographed in black and white clothing, shot with black and white photography, and all of their music videos are also creatively done in the same colors. This is unexpected from the head to toe tatted, skinny jeans, ray ban wearing singer. His reported off stage behaviors are a little eccentric, but I just care about their on stage performance and the music they make. Thankfully, this indie-rock band has the music to back up their offbeat behavior.

With their quick rise to fame, they are sure to be on the bill for some of the major music festivals this summer. The band released their second EP, Thank You-Single on December 18, 2012. The album only features two songs “Let It Go” and “Little Death”, both of which are alternative, moody tracks. The band’s first EP was released in August 2012 and featured six tracks including the popular, “Female Robbery”. The California band is making waves in the alternative world and is sure to make a splash once the ladies get a look at front man Jesse. I encourage you to give this band a listen and let me know what you think.


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