The Importance of Real Time Marketing

Social networking sites have increased the significance of real time marketing to companies.  During large broadcast television events companies have to have their best creatives and thinkers on hand to engage in the online conversation. Real time marketing helps companies increase consumer engagement through creativeness and relativeness. Marketing strategist, David Meerman Scott says real time marketing is “when companies develop products or services instantly, based on feedback from customers or events in the marketplace. And it’s when businesses see an opportunity and are the first to act on it.” Corporations never know when a buzzworthy opportunity will present itself and thus have to be constantly participating in popular conversations.

The social media team at Oreo was well prepared for real time marketing during the 2013 Super Bowl in February. When the lights in the Super Dome went out, the Oreo team went into creative mode and quickly produced their “You can still dunk in the dark” picture. With commercials not running, the picture quickly became the Super Bowl ad to discuss and was retweeted over 16,000 times. Oreo had a team, not just one person monitoring their social media. This team was able to quickly build a creative strategy for the blackout and then design the content. Ian Schafer, a social media strategist said, “Marketers have finally learned how to market at the speed of culture.” With the help of social media, marketers are able to keep their content in sync with popular culture.

Real time marketing not only shows consumers that marketers are quick on their feet, but creative and fun too. A pop culture phenomenon that has garnered a collective 7 billion YouTube views is the Harlem Shake. The Harlem Shake craze came and went before people could say, “If I see one more Harlem Shake video, I’m going to….” Although most of us hated the viral trend, it was a great opportunity for organizations to show their fun side and promote their brand. News stations, colleges, and large brands joined in the trend. My picks for the best college branding Harlem Shake videos are UGA Men’s Swim & Dive Team, Maryland Athletics, and Nebraska Men’s Gymnastics. These three schools not only made funny videos, but highlighted their wonderful athletics departments and turned each short video into a recruitment tool as well as a promotional tool for the rest of their seasons. Together, the three videos have received over 44 million views on YouTube. Mashable reported that as of March 1, thirty companies uploaded branded Harlem Shake videos. The best of those high-profile brands were Pepsi, Red Bull, and HootSuite. Each of these companies effectively highlighted a relevant aspect of their brand image while having fun and showing you can be creative even though a million people are uploading videos with the same music and concept.

When engaging in real time marketing, time is everything! Many companies made Twitter posts similar to Oreo after the lights had already came back on, proving to consumers they were behind. Real time marketing is done through social media and is usually cheap. If done correctly, a social media campaign done in real time can reach more consumers than a large, expensive, planned campaign. It is important that every social media team be prepared to create a real time marketing campaign.


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