Change Your Message through Storytelling

This is not another piece about how important brand storytelling is, we know, we get it. As PR professionals, we are in the business of telling facts to reporters and to the community. Daily, we place different information into structured press releases. It’s always the same, a new restaurant is opening, our client is hosting a 5K run, and we just hired new interns, yay. Well, most of the facts and information we are listing off are boring and no one cares! Unfortunately, we are not always given great content to promote; therefore we have to change the message! Change the message into a story.

Changing the message includes the structure, wording, and idea. Don’t just list facts and tell details, make them into a story, a story people want to read and share. When writing your press release, don’t be afraid to change the format. That is one of the keys of storytelling; there isn’t one formula or method that works. Why use the same format and method for completely different information? Also, if you’re talking about an idea, go in-depth and touch on every aspect of the idea. There is a reason so many journalism majors go into the public relations field; their storytelling skills are necessary to sell information.

Consumers and reporters want to know the value of the facts listed in your press release and how they relate to them. The best stories are relatable and thus memorable. No longer tell facts, but sell value. Awesome, a new hospital is being built, what value does it bring to the community and to me and my family? The public relations industry evolves every day and is still trying to firmly define itself. With each moment of evolution, we have to ensure that our tactics evolve with it. Part of that evolution is becoming a storyteller. Promote the value of your information through a written or visual story. With the rise of social media, stories can now be visual pieces. Storytelling can be powerful since it evokes more emotions and people are more likely to remember it when it connects to them. Use storytelling to change your message and change your impact.


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