#PictureThis: Instagram vs. Vine

I gave an office presentation about why Instagram is great for marketing just two days after they added their video feature. I, being an avid user of the mobile picture platform, predicted Vine would soon begin to lose some of its 13 million users as well as its little bit of popularity. According to the numbers the Atlantic Wire released on July 12, 2013, I was correct. The report stated that Vine use on Twitter is dropping off; meaning less people are sharing their Vine links on the mother platform. I must say I thought the fall off would take more than 3 weeks to happen however, decrease in activity is likely to continue.
There were a few tech critics that wanted to throw rocks at Instagram and say “Vine is better” or “Instagram should stick to pictures.” Despite their criticisms, users love the video feature. There were a few kinks the first week, but that happens with every mobile application which is why I constantly get updates in the app store saying “this bug has been fixed. ”I was one of the people that feared my timeline would be filled with annoying videos, but that has not been the case. I was pleasantly surprised to see that people are selective of what they make a video of, unlike with their pictures of burgers and shoes.

At the end of the day there are 3 reasons that Instavid will destroy Vine:
1. One Platform Does It All
With Instagram video you are able to store and share all of your photos and videos in one place. Unlike Vine, you do not have to switch applications depending on if you want to upload a picture or a video.

2. Better Features
15 second videos are better than 6 seconds videos. Also, Instagram has better editing features and the very popular screen filters. The best feature is Instagram videos do not loop like Vine; they play once and you can continue scrolling on to the next post.

3. The Power of Facebook
The best weapon that Instagram has is the power of Facebook. Every day, I get a notification that more of my Facebook friends are joining Instagram. Why are so many people joining? Simple, they see their friends posting great pictures and want to be included. Before the end of the year, Instagram’s 130 million users will catch up to Twitter’s 230 million users.
The only mobile application I see giving Instagram video a run for their money is Viddy. Viddy allows for 30 second videos and also allows users to add custom music to posts. But once again, Viddy lacks numbers 1 and 3 and therefore will likely not surpass Instagram. How do you like video for Instagram? Tell me some great marketing applications you have seen brands using.

Image via http://www.google.com and http://www.hwproduction.com


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