Everyone at Your Agency is a Creative

I have worked in an agency where the “creatives” are segregated from the account managers. The vibes of the two areas of the office are completely different. This leads to the question, is creativity a skill or a trait? Are the art directors, copywriters, and creative directors innately different than the account managers and planners? Do those that manage lack some creative gene? The answer is no.

We all have the ability to be creative. Creativity is a skill, a skill that must be fostered daily. Some of us just choose to practice, exercise, and perfect this skill more than others. Like any other talent there are those that will be extraordinary at producing creative works and those that will just be average, but the important thing is we all have the ability.

The first problem with why there are so few creatives is the label. What the heck is a creative? I hate the distinction that only those that write or do graphic design are the most creative people at agencies. Being creative is just producing an original idea or improving an existing one and then bringing that idea to life. Simple enough.

To be creative, shake up your daily routine of where you sit and where you eat. Even at agencies, we get into mundane routines that cage us in. Step outside of the normal and you may find yourself inspired. Also, think about the other accounts at the agency you don’t work on. How can one of their ideas be used to better serve your client? We have to not get stuck in a tunnel. We have to move beyond what is right in front of us. The best thing to do to be creative is work without limits. Yes, our clients give us their exact needs, but for fun create a separate idea that has no restrictions and limits. This idea will likely never be used by your client, but it will help you improve the ideas they do use.

Everyone at an agency needs to start thinking of themselves as a creative mind. Look at yourself as someone that is capable of great ideas and even better work. Once agencies let everyone think of themselves as creative they will begin to see better work and probably better team cohesion. Great ideas can come from anywhere in the agency…if you let them.



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