Pinterest: An Idea Generator

Are you or your clients considering adding Pinterest to your social media portfolio? Yes, but confused about the best approach? Many brands approach Pinterest the wrong way, it is more than a display board for your products. Pinterest is a think tank. More than 50 million consumers post and share their best ideas turned DIY (do it yourself) projects and they search pages looking for inspiration for their homes, recipes, outfits, and lives in general. While food and clothing brands dominate the boards, other unlikely brands are making a splash on the site and garnering new followers. Purex and Lowes are to brands that are seeing a high number of comments and traffic to their pages. Your brand can be successful on Pinterest too if you provide people with visual inspiration using your products.
Even career websites have joined on the Pinterest train and are dishing out advice for job seekers and transitioning professionals with fun visuals, witty quotes, and excellent advice. Pinterest is a think tank for brands and consumers; both feed off of each other creatively. Pinterest is an excellent way for brands to see the new and unique ways consumers are using their products. An important thing to remember with Pinterest is user-generated content is king. 70 percent of brand engagement on the site is user generated. While promoting your own brand image is essential, it is also necessary to allow your followers to actively participate and post about your company. Consumers want to add to the brand image.

Remember, inspiration can come from anywhere. Can’t find the right words for a campaign slogan or you need to spice up your corporate clients’ event…search the Pinterest boards. Pinterest is great to see what competitors are doing, but also great to get a spark for a great piece of work from another industry. If you’re feeling stuck on a project, I encourage you to take a moment and browse a few boards to get your creative juices flowing. Step outside of your comfort zone and chose a board that you would never follow. Pinterest is really the new mood board for creative services at agencies. The platform helps brands build their visual content strategy based on consumer ideas and feedback.
Still need a little more help with your first board, a great place to get started is Pinterest’s Pinning Principles. The first principle, “Put Pinners First” is the same idea behind any marketing campaign; the consumer always comes first. The second best piece of advice Pinterest dishes out is “Instead of just showing off your products, show what inspires them. Create boards for the ideas, places, people and moods behind your brand.” Consumers are highly engaged with boards that educate them about your product as well as show off your company’s culture. Go beyond what you show on your website and seek to inspire, motivate purchase, and generate ideas.


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