Make Your Content Connect

Content marketing is the new kid at school that everyone is talking about. We’ve all heard the buzz surrounding its arrival. People keep asking the standard first day of school questions. Who is this content marketing? Where did it come from? How can I be friends with it? The answers to these questions are simple; you already use content marketing in your business. Content marketing is not the new kid, it has been here, and it is everything from social media posts, to e-newsletters, live presentations and blog posts.

The best strategies for content result in increased SEO. The strategy should begin with the content that is on your website. At the end of the day, this is where you want customers to return to. All other platforms are just tunnels leading to your brand’s home. Content marketing has to converge across platforms to be truly successful. Your businesses’ paid, owned, and earned media channels have to tell the same story with each platform adding a different element.

To make your content connect, think beyond words. Your strategy should include photos and videos. Make sure that what I see, not just read on your site, tells me about your brand. Honestly, customers are not likely to read everything posted, we are a generation of browsers. Think of the story of your brand and every channel is a new chapter. Now that you know that everything you have been doing is content marketing, make sure each element is additive to your brand narrative. Most importantly, make sure the content you are giving away is valuable to the customer and helps them in making a decision about loyalty and where to spend their dollars.


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