How to Get Your Tweets to Fly

I’ve recently read a few posts about tricks and secrets to get people to retweet your content on Twitter. Most of them include paid websites and embedding links. There are also timeframes such as Friday afternoons and my personal favorite, “adding please retweet to the beginning.” The solution is much simpler and cheaper than that. The problem with all of the suggestions I viewed is none of them involve the real issue….content! Great content shares itself online. The symbol for Twitter is a bird for a reason. Those aren’t paid carrier pigeons, it’s the symbol of what happens when people have something great to discuss. Below is a list of content suggestions to boost your retweets and the reach of your Twitter content. They are simple, but can have a big payoff.

1. Share insights and then ask engaging questions

Consumers want to get involved in conversations with their favorite companies and brands. Allow them to interact with you and watch the magic unfold.

2. Tweet inspirational quotes and ideas

People love motivational and inspirational posts about various topics. It can be as simple as “Have a marvelous Monday.” Show that you care about your followers as people and not just as purchases.

3. Use humor

Following a brand on Twitter is a true commitment and testament of loyalty. Most people follow brands they have a connection to and that have a human voice on social media. No one wants to follow a boring brand, but a fun and engaging one. Your brand can be that by using humor. Don’t overdo it though, you’re not a comedian.

4. Share user-generated content

People identify with content that is created by other consumers. They see this as authentic and are more likely to share than what is created by a company.

To really get your tweets to take off, combine great written posts with follower insights. Make sure to stay up to date on content trends amongst your followers. Focus on content creation and your followers to gain and sustain followers that share and like your posts. Those other gimmicks are going to be short lived.


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