The Scientific Beauty of Marketing

Originally submitted for a creative contest asking what skills make marketers successful

Alone in a room, a man creates a beautiful computer drawing that he hopes to share with the world. Down the hall, a woman designs a statistical model to simplify what the world is. Together, these two make a perfectly crafted campaign. Marketing is art and marketing is science. Neither the designer nor the statistician is more creative than the other for neither can exist without the other. A scientist selects the perfect color of a car that a potential buyer will love, but it will not go anywhere without creative fuel to guide it where it needs to be. Today, the most successful marketers are part artist and part scientist.

Just as a full symphony needs a conductor that understands the delicateness of the flutes and the power of the strings; marketers have to be well-versed in the data that drives a campaign and the creativity that fuels it. Marketers have their Beethoven, Shakespeare, Picasso and Benjamin Franklin moments. “And one man in his time plays many parts.” Our agencies and our companies are our stages. With our exits and entrances into roles we are visual artists, financial analysts, anthropologists, game makers, inventors and storytellers. The life of a marketer is as ever progressive as the rising crescendo of the “Moonlight Sonata” score. It has it high notes, low notes, fast movements, and heart breaking ballads. The secret is the show must go on.

As the scientist tries one thousand formula combinations until he gets the perfect one, so must the marketer. Successful marketers are adaptable and welcome change as more than a challenge, but an opportunity to play a new role. It may even seem at times that we are making magic and granting wishes as genies do. No matter the task, our job is not done until desired results are achieved. We as integrated marketing communicators see as no one else does. We look holistically with our minds and so create that way as well. As a scientist we understand how much power is needed for our music to reach the audience. As an artist, we know what notes will bring them to tears and move them from their seats. Marketers know what their audience loves, needs, and wants. As a baker feeds, marketers must give to hungry consumers that crave information, engagement, and appreciation.

There is a scientific beauty of marketing today. While it is a science, it is not exact and as the greatest works of art, it is also subjective. The greatest pieces of art and science give people something to think upon. Art makes you dream and science makes you think about future possibilities. Both are needed to move forward in a more complicated consumer world. Marketing is art and marketing is science. As marketers our job is to create for the now and plan for the future. Whether now you are the painter or the mathematician, you are creative and you are a marketer. Creativity lives within everyone, within you, but is manifested in different ways at different times. The beauty of science is that it will never be the same; the beauty of marketing is that it will never be the same; and yes, you, the marketer will never be same.


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