Moving Forward: 2013 PR Lessons

As 2014 nears, we at Social PR World wanted to share the most popular and important PR lessons from our 2013 posts. Remembering these simple lessons moving forward will help you and your business improve your marketing and branding.

1.  Monitor Social Media

This year we saw several major social media messes from large and small corporations. Revisit our November “The Importance of Social Media Management” post and see one people are still talking about to this day. Unfortunately, we will continue to see the same mistakes in 2014 as many people forget one simple rule of social media marketing “monitoring.” You may hire the best agency or most skilled Twitter professional, but that does not mean they are not human. Even the best can make bad judgment calls when it comes to what is politically correct, offensive, and downright dumb. We started off with this because it is simple, “better to be safe than a million dollars sorry.”

2. Give Everyone Creative Power

Creativity is always going to be a hot topic as many people often debate about what it really means and how it is displayed in the marketing and public relations world. In August, we posted “Everyone in Your Agency is Creative” and we stand behind what was written. Brilliant ideas can come from anywhere and so can creative inspiration. Do not limit your work or the work of your company by only giving a select few creative power. Create a work environment where your employees are comfortable sharing ideas and giving feedback on work that is being produced. If you are the creative, go outside of your department and seek opinions from account management and even reception. I promise, you will appreciate the results.

3.   Share a Consistent Brand Voice

One of our blog posts this year “Make Your Content Connect” discussed converging content across various platforms. This is transmedia storytelling. Brands have to share a strong, consistent brand voice across all media channels to be credible and desirable to consumers. With so many popular social media platforms and traditional media choices, many brands are placing different messages on each platform thinking consumers are not aware. They are aware and they will call you out for not being authentic and true. Who is your brand and what does it stand for? Show this on each platform and creativity comes in making each platform message unique, but the same!

4.  Engage and Create Conversations

Marketers are often guilty of forgetting that social media is supposed to be “social.” Push advertisements are not effective today and will be less effective and more annoying in 2014. In October, we posted “Sparking Thought Conversations Online” and told you how to properly engage consumers and get them to interact with your brand. Ultimately, we want to consumers to interact with our social media posts by clicking, liking, retweeting, or sharing. But most importantly, we want them to converse with us. Brands have to be human and genuine online. Moving forward show the face of your company and its heart and see consumers respond positively.

Moving forward into 2014, you will do great things for yourself and your company by remembering these simple marketing and PR lessons.


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