Achievable 2014 Marketing Resolutions

As the hour gets closer to midnight on December 31 each year, millions of Americans begin to make a list of resolutions for their personal life. Top resolutions are always “get in shape, stay in shape, eat healthy, be nice, and relax more.” The resolutions are the same each year because solid plans are not put into place to ensure people are accountable for what they have promised to do. More than 92 percent of people that make personal New Year’s resolutions fail to complete them and abandon them all together after 3 to 4 months.

Despite all of the personal goals, many people forget to make professional resolutions about how to better their business and improve their professional position. One of the reasons many people do not stick to their resolutions is because they state what they are going to fix instead of things they want to achieve. To make change, you have to be proactive in setting achievable goals that will help you. Setting attainable goals is more positive and encouraging than focusing on the negative. Focus on growth and positive improvement in 2014.


This year, think about where you want to see your career or business in 3 years and how small changes this year will help get you there in time. Set small goals this year that will get you to your bigger goal. Just as you create a marketing strategy and business plan for your business each year, do the same for yourself. Below are three 2014 marketing resolutions that you’re your agency and business should consider.

1.  Encourage and Promote User-Generated Content

A recent study reported that 83% of consumers are willing to spend more on a product or service if they feel a personal connection to the company. In 2014, show your consumers they are an integral part of your business beyond a paycheck. User-generated content will help with accountability and attracting new customers.

2.  Update Your Mobile Website Experience

Mobile is only going to gain popularity in 2014 as a new smart phone is placed on the market each month. Ensure that your website is compatible and visually pleasing on smart phones. You may be losing customers and money by not offering a user-friendly mobile experience with full website content and capabilities.

3.  Have a Presence on Emerging Social Media Sites

Don’t play it safe with placing your brand on popular social media websites. Facebook and Twitter are not helping to differentiate your brand. Look into emerging social media platforms such as Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest. This may seem like a risk, but it will not cost you much to make it.

What are your professional resolutions and goal for 2014? Have you set goals for yourself and your business yet? Post your answers in the comment section below.


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