Stop Cold Communications–Warm Up to Your Customers

We have all received a cold call (and maybe even made one) and no party involved likes it. Unfortunately, a lot of your social media and digital marketing communications are also cold. Cold?  Yes, you are trying to communicate effectively with structured, unengaging, and boring strategies. Those types of communications are not effective in today’s consumer centric market. It’s time you warm up your communications and start warming up to your customers to buy more of your products and services. Do this by sounding more human and friendly in your communications.

Sounding human is essential on social media. Customers want to see your brand’s personality and feel emotionally connected to your product. There is a delicate balance in being professional and sounding like you’re a real person speaking online though. “UR” is never appropriate unless your core audience is 13 years old. You have to be careful, don’t sound like an annoying human no one would want to have a conversation with. Pause, think of someone you dread speaking to on the phone, don’t be that person with your customers!

I followed (key that it is past tense) one of my favorite pizza companies on Twitter and they were like an annoying teenage boy on the train that would not shut up! The strategy for their social media marketing was to be “funny” but it wasn’t funny it was random. In 15 minutes they would make single word posts (Dough, Friday, Pepperoni) and ask random questions. I continued following thinking they had surely been hacked, but no it continued. I was shocked this had been approved by a marketing executive and someone was getting paid to post nonsense. Have they lost my business…probably not, their pizza is delicious, but I have no desire to interact with them on social media.

Sounding warm and welcoming comes down to being creative. In an age when every character posted and picture pinned has to be preapproved, a human brand voice and authenticity can get lost. The point is you have to find your brand voice. This is done by knowing exactly who your brand is and who your audience is. What are their normal conversations like? This is how you should engage them. Are they fun moms? Don’t be too formal. Are they financial advisors? Don’t be too relaxed. Be authentic and not too scripted. We’ve all been in forced conversations and you quickly lose interest. Don’t force your communications with customers. Not sounding cold takes practice which will include some misses. But once you find it you will see your customers warm up to you by retweeting and replying to your posts.


3 Comments on “Stop Cold Communications–Warm Up to Your Customers

  1. Hello, a BlogCatalog Twitter link brought me here. Interesting article on communicating on social media. Sometimes I have no choice but to use “UR” when you’re running out of 140 characters. But I get the point. Using “hello” & “Thank you” are words I try to inject into messages. They take away the ‘cold call’ feeling.

    That’s all for now. Thanks for your moderation.

    • Yes, the 140 character limit is always difficult. Sometimes I just wait and see if I can reword/rephrase to shorten it. But at times, it is unavoidable and okay depending on the audience.

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