5 Tips to Shake Up Your PR Tactics This Summer

Summer is a about going new places and trying new things. Let some of that excitement run over to your PR tactics. I’m sharing five simple tips to shake up your public relations tactics for the summer

1. Update Your Press Release

Have you been sending newspapers and magazines the same format for years? It’s time to change it up. There are many different ways to relay your information and stand out in a pile of press releases in the process.

2. Engage Bloggers like the Media

Bloggers are now the media and you need to start treating them like it. Reach out and romance bloggers like you do other members of the free press. Think about building a blogger panel to engage throughout the year.

3. Let Data Guide Your Plans

PR and analytics are not the best of friends, but they need to start getting acquainted. Analytics for your website and social media will help you better know when to place messaged on your owned sites and target the right group. Build and test a data driven summer social media campaign.

4. Don’t Take Your Social Media So Serious

Try something out of the box on your social media sites this summer. It’s time to shake things up with new images and adding some humor to your posts. Summer delights are great, but shake up the prizes. Summer is the perfect time to test new content and looks for social media.

5. Update Your Boilerplate Key Message

Make sure your boilerplate is up to date and still reflects your brand’s services. You can fit a lot in a boilerplate about your brand, the essence and general product offerings.

Remember to change your PR tactics as the market you work in is ever evolving. In a fast changing market, to stay ahead, you have to evolve with it.


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