Creating an Unconventional Brand Partnership

If you were asked to think of a new brand partner for Delta Airlines you would immediately think beverage or food company. I’m sure a few people would also say furniture company too because they want the most comfortable seats. I guarantee no one would have said Linkedin, but that’s exactly who Delta is partnering with. Together, Delta and LinkedIn have created an amazing program called Innovation Class. This program is brilliant, and fun.

Innovation Class lets consumers bid on a chance to sit next to a leader in various fields on select flights. Everyone can recall a long flight where they sat next to someone that snored a little too loud, took up too much room, or didn’t smell so fresh. Delta has created the ultimate flight experience where you learn and collaborate with someone that you admire instead of pretending to stare out of the window for two hours.

You too can find your brand an unconventional partner. How? Think unconventionally. Delta took simple consumer insights that every airline company has and then decided to go in an unexpected, offbeat direction. Instead of doing new seat assignments or getting a new movie partner, they fulfilled a consumer need in a new way. Here are two simple tips for creating an unconventional brand partnership:

 1. Know Your Consumer

Delta knows exactly how many business customers they have and what the demand is for those seats. Delta also went deeper into the needs of their consumers beyond short wait times and better food. They looked at the consumers life in totality not just how their brand affects consumers’ lives and got a great idea.

2. Be Genuine

Delta is known for being popular among business customers and catering to them. This is a natural fit even though it’s in an unconventional way. Be true to who your brand is and who your consumer is. Anything that is not genuine will not be successful.

Consumers are looking for new and unique experiences with brands. Delta is bringing their customers new and unique experiences with Innovation Class. Your brand can do the same by researching and then daring to stray from your traditional path. Be bold and unconventional.


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