Lolla Cashless = More Data for Marketing

RFID wristbands are now a staple of major US music festivals including Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and Hangout Music Festival. This August, Lollapalooza will become the first music festival in the country to add purchasing food and beer to the list of things you can do with your coveted wristband. With “Lolla Cashless” attendees don’t have to hassle with counting cash and holding up the pizza line or standing in those extremely long ATM lines only to pay more in fees then you end up taking out.

To a festival attendee, their wristband becomes their skin while on the festival grounds. For repeat attendees like me, this is going to be great. You can leave cash and debit cards at home. It’s one less important thing you have to worry about losing in the front Kings of Leon. For Lollapalooza and its marketers, it’s going to be even better for them.

In addition to increasing user-generated content through wristbands, they can now collect data on popular vendors and consumers buying habits while on the grounds. With cash, marketers never know peak hours, but with Lolla Cashless, they will have a better gauge on this. Currently, wristbands collect amazing demographic information on attendees as well as social media information and now they can add tracking and analyzing purchase decisions and preferences. Lollapalooza has just made the wristband more valuable to attendees and promoters.

Lolla Cashless is a win-win for attendees and promoters. I hope more of my favorite festivals start going cashless. As it is with any technology, it never is perfect and sometimes can cause more problems than solutions. Lolla Cashless has been reported to be able to work offline which is great because Wi-Fi is like gold in a music festival. Hopefully, it will shorten wait times in lines which is all a festival lover can ask for. Warning to all you new festival goers, be sure to not swipe too many times at the beer tents. Life continues after Lolla.

As an attendee I’m excited to see what happens while I’m at the park. As a marketer, I’m more excited to see how Lolla uses the data to improve the festival for 2015. I’ll report on how the weekend goes when I return from Grant Park.


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