2014’s Worst Social Media Mishaps

With corporate social media power comes great responsibility. Unfortunately, a few community managers forgot this golden rule and didn’t think before tweeting. In an effort to real time market to consumers, many social media managers forget to do their research about certain hashtags and topics. Below are my top six picks for some of the best (and by best I mean worst) 2014 social media blunders, fails, and total mishaps.

  1. DiGiornio Pizza

This is the classic example of where real time marketing goes wrong. #WhyIStayed was trending on Twitter and DiGiornio decided to jump on and add the below tweet. Too bad the hashtag was about bringing awareness to domestic violence abuse. That’s the one time pizza is not welcome at the party.




  1. Dave & Busters

The always big no-no is cultural insensitivity and borderline racism. Dave & Buster’s community manager tried to be clever with the below tweet, but ended up causing himself and the company a headache. I think a few more people are saying they don’t like their tacos now.



  1. Bill Cosby

User-generated content is great unless you have multiple rape allegations against you. I know Bill Cosby isn’t a corporation, but he is a brand. Until a few months ago, he was a profitable brand. His PR team failed him by allowing fans to meme him.


  1. Delta Airlines

The airline tried to get in on the World Cup fun following a US win. Everything would have been great except they used a generic picture of Africa (which is an entire continent NOT a country in case you didn’t know). The pic featured a giraffe which is not native to Ghana, the team the US beat. Delta was the real loser that day.


  1. Malaysia Airlines

If you are the one airline that has had multiple disasters in one year, you might want to avoid reminding people of them. Malaysia Airlines did the exact opposite by tweeting “Want to go somewhere, but don’t know where” on Thanksgiving Day. We still have 31 days left of 2014 which means there are 31 chances for community managers to make us cringe.


  1. Nyquil

What’s the best way to celebrate one of the most revered men of our time? By promoting your product of course. Nyquil could have just said, “Happy MLK Day” but instead decided they could do a little plug too. Not the best idea.


Do you have any more brand social media fails to add to the list? Put them in the comments below. Remember, you can delete, but it doesn’t go away and the internet never forgets. And as always, think before you tweet.


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