Real Time Marketing: Add to the Conversation

Is your company engaging in real time marketing? It should be! Last night’s Golden Globes broadcast was not just a showcase of TV and movie stars, but A-list brands, marketing, and creative agencies. The Super Bowl was once the biggest advertisement opportunity for companies, but now award shows are becoming just as important. Social media allows smaller companies without multi-million dollar budgets to reach a large audience during primetime events at little or no cost.

All of today’s important pop-culture moments from sporting events, award shows, to elections are instantly documented using social networking sites. As much of the world’s activities and conversations move to online platforms, it is becoming increasingly more important that marketers find creative ways to join these dialogues. Consumers want to engage with other consumers during popular live broadcasts and events.

What drives social networking sites such as Twitter…it is the real time aspect. As a brand, you don’t want to be the company that is posting updates after the broadcast has ended. Real time marketing has become an integral piece of companies’ online strategies.  Real time marketing sparks conversations about your brand when online participation is at its highest. These four tips will help you win over your audience and connect with the culture:

  1. Understand the Moment: For the less obvious and popular events such as the Golden Globes or Grammys, brands have to research their audience to understand why they care about the event. What draws in your consumers to certain broadcasts and what brings your brand into the conversation?  As a company you have to understand what is happening in popular culture and why consumers are so drawn to a cultural moment. Do your research on the event, your audience, and the viewers!
  2. Be Authentic and Human: Consumers want you to engage in conversations because you care, not because you are trying to sell them a product. It is easy to spot an opportunity for a great real time marketing campaign, but difficult to realize your creative piece is not relevant. All though it’s real time you have to plan ahead for various scenarios of how the event can go. But with any live event you have to plan for almost anything to happen.
  3. Incorporate Your Brand Story: Real time marketing is a chance for your company to showcase its best creative talent under pressure.   The more relevant you make your brand story to the moment; the more likely consumers are going to engage with your message. Make sure you align the short term opportunity with your long term brand narrative. The real time impact has to latter up to a bigger brand strategy and your overall marketing plan.
  4. Choose the Right Platform: Twitter has long been the premier site for real time marketing and socializing during TV events. However, Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat are gaining popularity as go-to real time marketing platforms. Once again, you have to decide who you want to reach and why. The audience demographics and what is considered relevant varies among the platforms.

Real time marketing is the heart of social media; real time, fun conversations are what draw in consumers and keep them engaged with your brand. Your company should open up and expose itself more to consumers and they will surely fall in love. If you are not engaging in real time marketing you are going to get left out of the conversation. But remember to bring something meaningful and relevant to the conversation. Don’t be the brand that awkwardly stands and has nothing to say.


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