Finding Your Brand’s True Social Media Voice

If you’re looking for a funny Twitter account to follow I suggest Denny’s Diner. Yes, Denny’s. The self-dubbed “America’s Diner” decided to stray away from the typical corporate restaurant social media account filled with food photos and promotions. Instead, they post irrelevant thoughts similar to a teenager, funny relevant cultural references, and basically a whole lot of nothing. It works extremely well for them and their following is steadily growing with every retweet. Some of their most popular tweets have over 6,000 retweets and likes. However, Denny’s outdid itself by changing the lyrics to a popular hip hop song a month ago. The tweet received 52,000+ retweets.


The chain’s unique voice online is a sign that the chain is looking for ways to differentiate itself from other fast-casual diners such as Waffle House. The brand’s signature “Grand Slam” breakfast has been around since 1977 long before most Millennials were born. Denny’s was once becoming irrelevant and losing share to other chains, but they seem to be making a comeback. Unfortunately, we all can’t be Denny’s. Irrelevant, yet relevant pop-culture references are not going to resonate with every audience and consumer. The key is to know your consumer’s voice. Each of your brands can find a unique social media voice that matches your consumers’ voices. Think of social media as a normal conversation. See how your consumers are interacting and speaking to each other and then join in the conversation.

Denny’s is a great example of a singular brand voice that has different tones on various platforms. It is important to remember that your consumers on each platform are not the same. Mostly importantly, consumers on various platforms are not speaking the same. You have to know how, when and where to say the right thing to them. Finding your brand voice will take time and research. A brand is a lot like a person. What gender is your brand? Denny’s is clearly male. What age range does your brand fall in? Denny’s is a Millennial. What does your brand care about? Denny’s just wants to have fun. Like a person, remember the mood and tone can change overtime, and that’s okay.


In the beginning, think of your brand as hitting puberty and the more you tweet and post, you will mature and come into your own. You’ll find out words you should avoid, when you should avoid them, and who your true loyalists are. As you’re finding your brand’s true social media voice, remember to take risks! Who would have thought these wacky, offbeat tweets would be coming from Denny’s Diner? You don’t know what works until you try.


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