4 Tips to Create a Relatable Brand

With the evolution of social media, brands are having to take on more human characteristics to showcase their personality. A brand’s identity is the combination of all the communication touchpoints consumers interact with. A brand’s personality is the emotional and human aspects of a business consumers connect to. We recently posted about how to find your brand’s true voice online which is essential to brand personality. While a brand is not a real human being, consumers still bond with brands in many of the same ways. That is why it is so important in the digital world to create a relatable brand that draws people in and keeps them interested.

Aussie Hair Care just released a new #ditchthedrama online advertisement featuring “Sh*t Girls Say” YouTube star, Graydon Sheppard. The ads pull in consumer insights from various surveys about women’s hair. The short ads are hilarious and are quickly gong viral. They put a funny spin on hair drama that every woman has gone through in her life. Thus, the ads are relatable to all women. Graydon, a man dresses in a wig and repeats lines I and many other women say multiple times a week.

Aussie has found the perfect combination for being relatable to Millennials—having character with a dash of humor. All brands cannot be slap your knee funny, but there is always room to be lighthearted. No one likes a serious person all of the time. It is also important that your brand create its own content. While the idea was the actor’s the brand placed its own spin on it to make it unique. Once again, no one wants to listen to recycled jokes from their friend all the time.

With more emerging social media platforms the need for a relatable brand is only going to increase. Below are four tips to help you create a relatable brand.

Personality—Start with your brands personality by building off of your core consumers. Just like people, your brand’s personality will be the foundation for everything else that follows. Are you friends with anyone that has a personality you don’t like? Probably not. Same for your consumers. Make them like and ultimately love your brand’s personality. Is your brand funny like Aussie, casual, or formal? Look at a few online personality quizzes and see which answers jump out and align to your brand. Once your brand’s personality is established, you can draw consumers in with the below steps.

Style—After you have established your personality type, decide what you want to wear out to meet your consumers. What colors fit your brand’s personality and set the right tone for consumers? Is your brand going for the modern or classic look? You can always create a print and digital style guide but also look at actual home and clothing style guides to help. Truly build out your brand’s style in every way to find the right fit.

Voice—Now that you’ve got your style, it’s time to establish your voice. Like a person, your voice will come out in different ways in various situations and on different platforms. Decide on which platforms you plan to use and then create a plan for each one. The voices you use on each one might not be the exact same. Find more tips about brand voice here.

Interests—You probably relate most with people that share similar interests to you. Same thing will be applicable to consumers liking your brand. Once again, it all begins with the consumer. What are they posting, liking, commenting on, and sharing? Your brands interests should overlap with the answers. Like the style guide, think outside of your category. If you’re a food company, think what type of car your brand would drive and what kind of sports events your brand attends. Touch every possibility to find the best interests for your brand.

Remember your brand is not going to be relatable to everyone and that’s okay. If you use the above, your brand will be relatable to the right audience and take your business where it needs to be.


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