Why Customized Marketing is Important to Millennials

For the recent stop of the Mad Decent Block Party (a musical festival that travels the US and Canada), Budlight created 200,000 individualized festival cans. The festival cans will continue to be distributed through the end of September as the party hits more cities. The cans are colorful and vibrant like festival attendees. In addition to great music and fun, festival goers are seeking unique experiences that will create unforgettable memories. The Budlight festival cans hit on that perfectly. Older generations say that Millennials are obsessed with being unique. And if that is true, Budlight has found the right tactic to reach, engage, and influence this unique group.

Festivals cans are only available to those that attend a Mad Decent Block Party. It’s an exclusive for fans that they are sure to wait in line for. In a past post, “Best Brand Activations at Music Festivals” we discussed the top 4 categories that companies should place their marketing within. Innovation was number two and this is the space that Budlight so brilliantly chose. Not only do Millennial festival goers want unique experiences they want shareable experiences. Going to a festival isn’t cool unless you share photos on Instagram and Snapchat. Budlight created a way to make sure it gets naturally incorporated into pictures. Who wouldn’t want to snap a picture of their customized can?


You’ve seen all of your friends sharing pictures once they found their name on a Coke bottle. The Coca-Cola Company has been running its “Share a Coke” campaign that features names on various size bottles and allows consumers to create and send their own bottles online. Consumers are craving marketing that is customized as if the brand is speaking directly to them.  We live in a digital world that almost demands us to share our lives every day. Millennials are seeking ways to make the mundane look exciting and not so ordinary. Customized marketing helps consumers not feel like one of billion, but one in a million.

Diet Coke Israel launched a similar campaign to Budlight with 2 million bottles in 2014. In 2012, Absolut was the first brand to do individualized cans. They created the “Absolut Unique” campaign that carried the tagline “One of a kind. Millions of expressions.” Beverage companies seem to have the customized packaging down and it’s only a matter of time before other big CPG companies begin to do the same. We are marketing in the age of anti-marketing. Millennials are savvier to marketing and we as marketers have to keep reinventing our tactics and pushing innovation to break through to them.

Diet Coke Can

While smaller companies can’t create a mass reaching customized campaign like Budlight or Coke, there are cheaper ways to create customized content. Smaller companies can leverage their various social media channels to create customized responses and content that their consumers are seeking. Personalization is key when it comes to a brand interacting with its consumers today.



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