Best Emerging Apps for Event Marketing

In 2015, your event marketing will not be successful without a digital component. The digital aspect can come alive in the form of a branded hashtag where consumers can post pictures, allowing attendees to register via social media, or sharing content during or after the event. Your brand should be using Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter for event marketing. Yes, Facebook is still relevant and great for an overall social campaign, but these platforms offer unique event benefits. Keep Facebook as the cherry on top of your cake. When the three aforementioned platforms are used creatively and as a part of a larger, integrated campaign the results will exceed your previous event executions. Here are a few tips how you can begin using these platforms to enhance your next event.

  1. Instagram

This app can be used in a variety of promotional ways for your event including contests for free access and generating greater awareness. Create a branded event hashtag and ask your followers to post pictures to it for a chance to win entry for them and their friend. You get them to spread your event message to all of their followers by doing this. You also have the ability to tag your promotional images with popular/trending hashtags to gain more interest. Be sure your brand is a fit if you’re going to use a popular hashtag. There are millions to choose from.

  1. Snapchat

The platform allows brands to provide access to live events. It is an amazing platform for real time marketing. You can also use SnapChat as a way to surprise and delight users by sharing exclusive, quick videos that can’t be accessed anywhere else. This app is great for consumers in attendance and those that may have missed out. They still a connection to the event and the brand.

  1. Twitter

Much like Instagram, Twitter is great for its hashtags. You can do many of the same contests and awareness plays by using branded hashtags on Twitter. Twitter is better for linking back to your brand’s website or event page. If you require registration or have more information than can fit in 140 characters, be sure to include a link. Keep driving traffic to the link on a consistent basis to ensure consumers see it. Twitter messages can get lost on timelines.

To truly win in the event marketing space, your brand should include all three platforms in your campaign. While many Millennials are on all three platforms, some are not and you have to ensure you capture everyone. Also, remember that each platform is different and the content and approach for each should vary while still sharing the same message.

An example of a good campaign that integrates all three platforms would be first promoting your event on Twitter with a branded hashtag and link to website, then sharing teaser videos and promotional images of the event on Instagram, and finally sharing live video via Snapchat the day of the event. These apps give you more ways to connect consumers to your brand beyond your event. Make your event work harder for you and provide a stronger ROI by incorporating the above suggestions.


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