Do Old Mass Marketing Vehicles Still Work?

When you’re driving how often do you look at billboards and ads on buses? The answer is, probably more than you think. Why? Advertisers still purchase this space for their brands because they still work. If you’re stuck at a red light you’re going to look around and take the time to read the billboard on the side of the road. Same if you’re waiting on your train and your train has been turned into a cold Coors® light train.

A few years ago, Coors Light Beer brought their signature mountains to trains all over Chicago. The brand was showcasing how their cans turn blue when they’re cold and ready to drink. What better city to showcase their cold technology than the Windy City. The train artwork was accompanied by print ads inside the trains and train stations. Consumers were immersed in the message and the brand during their daily commute. It was effective because the average train commuter takes 2-4 trips per day for work or school.

I remember riding the train when I lived in Chicago. You are on for 15-30 minutes and to keep yourself occupied you read the various advertisements if you don’t have a book or your phone is dying. It’s an easy way to pass the time. This is great news for brands! Consumers are actually willingly take time to read and digest your message. With this, they’re more likely to consider your brand and hopefully purchase.

The best way to ensure these old schools vehicles are effective is to place them at the center of a larger integrated campaign. Coors Light had digital surround to amplify the campaign and make sure it had greater reach than Chicago. Your brand should have a social and digital overlay. This will get you greater reach and impressions for your campaign message. Make sure creative is consistent and the brand messages are clear across all channels and vehicles.

The great thing about these vehicles is that they are cheaper than some digital and social executions. This gives your brand the opportunity to customize messages for different markets. Place the city name on the billboard and buses or the sports team. The more relevant, recognizable and relatable the marketing the more your target audience will notice and acknowledge it. To answer the question we began with, yes, old mass marketing vehicles still work. Follow the tips above and your ads will go further. Make the campaign relevant to the timing, platforms, and audience.


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