Do More with Your Holiday Content This Year

Beginning in November, holiday content demand reaches a high among consumers. They’re seeking the perfect holiday party appetizers, decorations, gift ideas, and more. How does your brand help answer the demand? It’s time to go beyond one or two simple “Happy Holidays” posts. Consumers are looking for more integrated, relevant holiday content. During the holidays consumers are looking for solutions. How can you make their lives less stressful, during the most wonderfully stressful time of the year?

During the holidays, consumers are more open and actually seeking brand messages. They spend more on goods and services and seek more branded content because of it. This is not just to the time to sell with them, but forge stronger relationships with them. You need to use the holidays as a time to sell, but also to retain.  You can do this by just not offering solutions, but offering conversations about solutions.

Here are a few tips to help your brand do more with your holiday content this year.

  1. Create User Generated Content Lists

Ask your community what common problems they have during the holidays and how your products or services help. Then compile a list, jazz it up, and share it back with your community. Consumers love relatable content as well as tips from people just like them. Be sure to add in a few of your own secret brand tips and tricks as the cherry on top of the holiday cake.


  1. Showcase a Unique Use of Your Product

Is there a special way consumers can use your product during the holidays to make their lives easier? Showcase that. If you’re not aware of any, ask your community. If your business offers services, give a discount on relevant services that will help your target. The holidays are a time when the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Turkey is just turkey in May. During Thanksgiving, turkey is a peace offering, a thank you, an “I love you” during dinner. Translate that extraordinary appeal to your brand and products.

  1. Add to or Create Memorable Traditions

During Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, there are certain traditions that almost all Americans partake in some form or another. How does your brand fit into those traditions? How can your brand shake up those traditions to make them more exciting? And even better what fun traditions can be created around your brand?

Always remember to make your content relevant to the platform and time. It’s better to push out content related to the holidays outside of the home earlier in the month and then content related to in the home closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Christmas Tree


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