Digital PR: Start More Conversations Online

Does traditional PR still matter and does it still work? Yes, traditional PR still works when combined with digital tactics. Digital PR combines traditional PR tactics such as press releases and events with social media, content marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). With a digital PR campaign, you are taking static news and turning it into a topic of conversation with your audience. We can no longer pitch and deliver news to consumers. We have to tell them digital stories using compelling visuals and engage in ongoing online dialogs with them.

Have the goal of your digital PR campaign be to connect with consumers rather than to simply reach them. You should value engagements more than impressions with this type of campaign. Yes, you want as many people to see your campaign, but the true goal of a digital campaign should be interaction with your consumer base. Unlike traditional PR, digital PR is about creating news, not just delivering it. Below are two tips to help engage in more conversations with your digital PR campaign.

  1. Start Don’t Lead the Conversation

With the help of the media and your own content, you can start the conversation and give prompts where you want the conversation to go. Make sure your campaign includes a branded hashtag that can be used across social channels by consumers and the media. Your traditional press release should include the hashtags and what the consumer call-to-action is.

Let the consumers lead the discussion and see what happens. Yes, this can be scary, but some of the best content is user-generated. Consumers are very creative and can help spread your brand message quickly and further than you can.


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  1. Keep the Conversation Fresh

In order to keep the conversation fresh, you have to create new content. This new content should be extremely shareable, but also prompt ideas from consumers. How are they able to build off the content that you have shared to create and add their own similar content? With digital PR you use the media as an outlet, but also have to contribute from your own social media channels or brand website.

Each platform should have its own unique content, but should come together to tell the campaign story. Consumers naturally change platforms while online. They are looking for fresh, engaging content across channels. Your campaign should fulfill this need.

With the above tips you will begin to have better conversations with your consumers. In the old days of traditional PR, brands could only pitch their stories to radio stations, TV outlets, and newspapers. Now, we can directly reach the consumer with social media. Now, consumers are the media. They are influencers that are not only sharing news, but creating it themselves. See this as a great opportunity to do more with your PR. You will see a higher ROI for your PR work when you truly make the campaign digital. Join the conversation below in the comments. Tell us about any recent digital PR campaigns you have seen.


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