How to Win With a 360 Digital Campaign

How do you win with a 360 degree digital campaign? Just ask Taco Bell. A few weeks before the Super Bowl, Taco Bell released a heavily redacted digital press release via its website and sent it to major news outlets. The press release promised the national taco chain’s biggest product release ever, but made sure to black out any other important details. All that was clear from the press release was that the new food item would be unveiled during a 30 second spot during Super Bowl 50.  The press release was the beginning of a well-crafted month-long 360 digital campaign.

Quickly, consumers as well as news outlets began to guess and also create wish lists for what they wanted the new menu item to be. Many assumed it would be the Quesalupa which was only available in limited distribution in Canada at the time. Surprise, it was the Quesalupa, a hybrid of a quesadilla and chalupa! Although many people guessed what it would be ahead of the Super Bowl, it didn’t slow down buzz or lessen consumer excitement. It actually helped. Taco Bell began their digital campaign on their website and then expanded it to their other owned digital channels included Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

Taco Bell Press Release

Here are a few tips so you can also win with a 360 digital campaign.

  1. Be a Content Generator

With a 360 digital campaign, a few pieces of content are not enough. Taco Bell ensured it had fresh content to push out the entire month leading up to the Super Bowl. Fresh content doesn’t mean pushing out the same static image out across all of your social channels. It means making different pieces of content for each platform.

The week before the Super Bowl, Taco Bell released behind the scenes, short, teaser footage on its social channels. The footage contained local celebrities from the commercials and nodded to what the mystery item could and couldn’t be. Content can come in many forms with a 360 campaign. Having static and video content is best as you will need both for different channels. Different types of content also engage different types of consumers.

  1. Let Consumers Get Involved

A few days before the Super Bowl, Taco Bell allowed consumers to preorder the mystery item via various social channels as well as a branded microsite. The prebuzz paid off in a big way. Taco Bell said more than 67,000 Quesalupas were preordered online without consumers even knowing what the product was. The preordering helped because once people picked up their item; they did the most natural thing, posted it online.


They snapped a picture and put it on various social media channels adding fuel to the social chatter fire. Quickly, #tacobell was trending on Instagram and Twitter. Those that weren’t among the 67,000 of course saw a friend’s picture and wanted their hands on the new Quesalupa. Consumers want to do more than purchase a product from your brand, they want to help create content and share it. Let them do that and your campaign will be stronger.

  1. Tell a Well Timed Story

Part of the magic of Taco Bell’s campaign is the timing. When telling a good story in person or online, timing is everything. Don’t reveal everything all in the beginning. You have to keep your consumers engaged with content. Timing is not just about when you push out content, but which platforms should showcase major pieces of the story first. Knowing which platforms to put content on first means knowing where your consumers are and when. Content and timing mean nothing if you are not where your consumers are.

Taco Bell debuted its new ad during the Super Bowl as promised. It gave fans more content by also releasing five ads that featured local internet celebrities in top markets. Local ad buys are usually unheard of during the Super Bowl, but the ads were a hit within the markets they were shown.

Remember, in the world of digital, campaigns that transcend platforms are the most popular and often the most effective. Millennials as well teens switch digital platforms multiple times within an hour because they are looking for fresh content. Give them fresh content on each campaign, but ensure that it can all come together to tell your brand story. How did you feel about Taco Bell’s digital campaign? How did you feel about the Quesalupa? Tell us in the comment section below. You can see more of the quesalupa by visiting


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