Heat Up Your Summer Social Media

Summer 2017 is officially in full swing. We are just a few short days away from 4th of July. While many Americans will be planning to go to the lake, barbecue or tan by the pool, social media mangers everywhere will be preparing their yearly red, white and blue themed post. Consumers’ timelines will be oversaturated with those posts and thus will likely be overlooked. On 4th of July and other summer holidays, people are online to see what their friends are doing and where they should be going. They’re also online to snag a good summer deal. Red, white and blue isn’t enough to breakthrough, be noticed and be remembered. There are a few things you can do this summer to heat up your social media posts this summer and make an impression.

  1. Don’t Be Bound By One Day

The problem with focusing on summer holidays like July 4th and Memorial Day is they are one day. If you put money behind a post just for that day, you’re bound to consumers that are online during that time. To overcome this, you need to create an execution that allows you to activate longer. An example would be a contest where you ask consumers to post their best throwback summer picnic picture and you announce the winner on 4th of July. Think beyond a singular post to create a campaign that allows deeper consumer engagement.


  1. Don’t Be Generic

Anyone and any brand can stick an American flag in a photo and post it. Be more creative by using your products or services in the photo. Also, do not be beyond to still images. Video content is now king and you can create a short engaging video for the day. Also, try to integrate something that is currently relevant in pop-culture. Be sure to create a few pieces of content.


  1. Be Where They Are and Be Helpful

Its summer and some might say Americans are even busier taking their kids to camp, going to the water park and preparing for long road trips. With that in mind, think what social media channel your audience is going to be using the most during that time. Look into the analytics of your social channels to see if engagement is higher on one during the summer months and be sure to place your spend there.


Some of the best brand posts over the summer are the ones that give helpful tips. How does your brand fit into summer vacations, cookouts and swim parties? Find the answer and provide tips to make those experiences better, easier and more enjoyable. If you’re a local business you have a great opportunity to get personal and really stand out to consumers. For example, let them know the best vantage points to watch the 4th of July fireworks in the city and what they should bring with them.

Remember that you’re not only competing against different brands this summer, but also against your consumers’ friends’ vacation pictures. Think creatively to stand out on your consumers’ timelines and have them engage with your content. Do you have any suggestions to add to the list? Put your best tips in comments section below. Also, be sure to let us know the best and worst brand holiday executions you see this summer. Tag us on Twitter @SocialPRWorld.


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