How to Win With a 360 Digital Campaign

How do you win with a 360 degree digital campaign? Just ask Taco Bell. A few weeks before the Super Bowl, Taco Bell released a heavily redacted digital press release via its website and sent it to major news outlets. The press release promised the national taco chain’s biggest product release ever, but made sure […]

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You Don’t Need a Big Budget to Win During the Big Game

The Denver Broncos won the 2016 Super Bowl yesterday, but there was no clear winner in the TV brand bowl. There may not have been a clear winner in the brand bowl because many advertisers shifted their dollars to digital and social media this year. A few years ago, the ads that would premiere during […]

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Super Bowl Ad Phonies

I’m sure you are one of the 10 million people that has viewed Budlight’s “Ian Up for Whatever” Film on YouTube. If not, you saw it broken down into smaller commercials during the Superbowl game yesterday.  When I watched I was struck with déjà vu. I thought, “Isn’t this a rip off of Heineken’s viral […]

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