Integrating Instagram Stories into Your Social Media Plan

By now, you’ve heard or have experienced the Earth shattering news of the new Instagram Stories. With the rollout, there is one question on every marketer’s mind, “How am I going to integrate Instagram Stories into my overall social media plan?” You probably already have an Instagram strategy for your business or clients. But Instagram […]

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The Undeniable Power of Snapchat

Last week, Snapchat announced that its users now consume 10 billion video views a day. With that many views, I’m sure you’re familiar with the popular photo and video sharing app. That number is an increase from 8 billion since February 2016 and 4 billion since April 2015. That is extremely quick and massive growth […]

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Best Emerging Apps for Event Marketing

In 2015, your event marketing will not be successful without a digital component. The digital aspect can come alive in the form of a branded hashtag where consumers can post pictures, allowing attendees to register via social media, or sharing content during or after the event. Your brand should be using Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter […]

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