Start Thinking About Influencers Differently

A few years ago, bloggers were the most influential people on the internet. They were experts on food, parenting, fashion and tech. You had to have a blog hosted on WordPress or Tumblr to even be considered an influencer. Now, some of the most influential “influencers” aren’t writing long posts. Some of them don’t even […]

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You Don’t Need a Big Budget to Win During the Big Game

The Denver Broncos won the 2016 Super Bowl yesterday, but there was no clear winner in the TV brand bowl. There may not have been a clear winner in the brand bowl because many advertisers shifted their dollars to digital and social media this year. A few years ago, the ads that would premiere during […]

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Brand Guide to Influencer Marketing

If you shop online, chances are you scroll down to the product review section. If the item you’re interested in has 3 stars you’re probably going to hesitate before you place it in your shopping cart. Now more than ever, the opinion and reviews of others influence purchase behaviors both online and offline. According to […]

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