Where to Market to Millennials? Music Festivals

Everyone still isn’t quite sure just who the Millennial generation is. Millennials aren’t even sure who they are. Seriously, when did ‘Millennial’ become a word? (Is it Generation X or Y…It’s confusing. I digress.) Companies are paying big bucks to figure this out and then target this dynamically complex market. Yes, they are ‘hipsters’ and […]

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Summer Music Festivals: Dealing with Unrealistic Expectations

If you scroll through the comments of any music festival’s Facebook posts you will see that 100% customer satisfaction is impossible. As a marketer or event planner, you will not be able to please everyone. Music festivals are a perfect example of the dilemma of aiming to please your repeat customers while seeking to acquire a new […]

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Music Festival Marketing Done Right

Music Festivals are no strangers to product marketing. Festival goers pass the same signs and vendors 10-15 times a day and in the end the product or brand is associated with a good experience. I have many great memories from Hangout Festival this past weekend. I remember great music, food, and meeting great people, and […]

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