Four Lesson’s from This Week’s PR Blunders

The last 10 days have been filled with some of the biggest PR blunders of 2017…thus far. Pepsi began with what was sure to be the biggest ad campaign mistake of the year and then was promptly followed by and possibly outdone by United Airlines. Pepsi released what many called a “tone deaf” ad featuring […]

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You Don’t Need a Big Budget to Win During the Big Game

The Denver Broncos won the 2016 Super Bowl yesterday, but there was no clear winner in the TV brand bowl. There may not have been a clear winner in the brand bowl because many advertisers shifted their dollars to digital and social media this year. A few years ago, the ads that would premiere during […]

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The Importance of Real Time Marketing

Social networking sites have increased the significance of real time marketing to companies.  During large broadcast television events companies have to have their best creatives and thinkers on hand to engage in the online conversation. Real time marketing helps companies increase consumer engagement through creativeness and relativeness. Marketing strategist, David Meerman Scott says real time […]

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