Finding Your Brand’s True Social Media Voice

If you’re looking for a funny Twitter account to follow I suggest Denny’s Diner. Yes, Denny’s. The self-dubbed “America’s Diner” decided to stray away from the typical corporate restaurant social media account filled with food photos and promotions. Instead, they post irrelevant thoughts similar to a teenager, funny relevant cultural references, and basically a whole […]

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Summer Social Media Hours

For most parts of the country, except the one I’m in, spring has arrived. Many companies and agencies will begin summer hours on Memorial Day. That pleasant time of having Fridays off or getting out of work early to actually enjoy warm weather ends on Labor Day. Social media managers, you should adjust your posting […]

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Pinterest: An Idea Generator

Are you or your clients considering adding Pinterest to your social media portfolio? Yes, but confused about the best approach? Many brands approach Pinterest the wrong way, it is more than a display board for your products. Pinterest is a think tank. More than 50 million consumers post and share their best ideas turned DIY […]

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