Four Lesson’s from This Week’s PR Blunders

The last 10 days have been filled with some of the biggest PR blunders of 2017…thus far. Pepsi began with what was sure to be the biggest ad campaign mistake of the year and then was promptly followed by and possibly outdone by United Airlines. Pepsi released what many called a “tone deaf” ad featuring […]

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Effectively Integrate Social Issues into Marketing: Lessons from Starbucks

Would you like your coffee with a side of racial debate? Earlier this week, Starbucks began its #racetogether campaign. The campaign encourages baristas to write the hashtag on customers’ cups and then discuss race relations with them.  The idea came to life from an internal conversation with 2,000 Starbucks employees about racial events in Ferguson, […]

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2014’s Worst Social Media Mishaps

With corporate social media power comes great responsibility. Unfortunately, a few community managers forgot this golden rule and didn’t think before tweeting. In an effort to real time market to consumers, many social media managers forget to do their research about certain hashtags and topics. Below are my top six picks for some of the […]

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