Best Emerging Apps for Event Marketing

In 2015, your event marketing will not be successful without a digital component. The digital aspect can come alive in the form of a branded hashtag where consumers can post pictures, allowing attendees to register via social media, or sharing content during or after the event. Your brand should be using Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter […]

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Real Time Marketing: Add to the Conversation

Is your company engaging in real time marketing? It should be! Last night’s Golden Globes broadcast was not just a showcase of TV and movie stars, but A-list brands, marketing, and creative agencies. The Super Bowl was once the biggest advertisement opportunity for companies, but now award shows are becoming just as important. Social media […]

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The Importance of Real Time Marketing

Social networking sites have increased the significance of real time marketing to companies.  During large broadcast television events companies have to have their best creatives and thinkers on hand to engage in the online conversation. Real time marketing helps companies increase consumer engagement through creativeness and relativeness. Marketing strategist, David Meerman Scott says real time […]

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