4 Tips to Create a Relatable Brand

With the evolution of social media, brands are having to take on more human characteristics to showcase their personality. A brand’s identity is the combination of all the communication touchpoints consumers interact with. A brand’s personality is the emotional and human aspects of a business consumers connect to. We recently posted about how to find […]

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Authentic Brand Integrations: Lessons from LEGO

On Sunday night’s Oscar’s, there were many celebrity winner’s including John Legend & Common for their song “Glory” from the movie Selma. There was only one brand winner however; and that was Lego®. Lego statues were given out to random audience members including Oprah Winfrey and Emma Stone during a performance of the song “Everything […]

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Building Customer Loyalty in 4 Steps

Yesterday, I participated in the annual Stamp Out Hunger™ program sponsored by the USPS and Feeding America. The program is so simple to participate in that it got me thinking about loyalty programs and how the simpler they are, the more successful they are. While I know Stamp Out Hunger is not a loyalty program, […]

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